[ My Entry to the Blogging World ] #EDT00115

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I was willing to initiate my blogging habit for a very long time. But it was never a priority until now. I am making my an entry to the blogging world now. There is something about me. When I keep something on my mind, it is usually an indicator of my intention to take some kind of action. In this case, it is to develop an ability to write fluently. I wanna do this because it is the way to:

  • express myself
  • understand myself better
  • develop myself
  • explore different perspectives of life
  • communicate with other people
  • influence ignorant people
  • create an archive of memories that can be revisited
  • track changes in my attitude and philosophy
  • document my journey to the entrepreneurial success
  • share purified wisdom

I love knowledge and I truly believe that you don't understand the topic if you cannot explain your point with simple words that can be understood by any person. Since I am trying to understand our world as much as I can, it is a must for me to write about things I care about.

You know, I actually used to love writing freestyle assays in high school. But for some reason we tend to stop doing things that we love because we are "GROWING UP AND MATURING". Yes, there are certain mechanics of life that must be done no matter what. But there is also the need for creativity beyond practicalities of survival level.

Blogging is just one of the habits I am consciously integrating into my daily routine. Some of them are already an important part of my life:

  • taking cold shower 4-6 times a week
  • learning foreign languages daily (currently: Italian)
  • learning from tutorials daily (currently: JavaScript, photography, blender animation)
  • walking daily
  • listening to audio-books
  • gymnastics (24 push-ups, also pull-ups)
  • stretching
  • football juggling daily
  • drinking tea
  • playing at least 2 matches of Fifa on PS4 daily
  • doing Fortnite daily quests to increase my collection of emotes and outfits
  • game streaming to Twitch 2-3 times a week
  • video logging on LinkedIn Monday to Friday

In the future I am going to add even more habits to shape my personality:

  • write at least 300 words daily
  • getting up at 4-5 am
  • reading books daily
  • finding interesting facts when reading books
  • hosting entrepreneurial webinars weekly
  • interviewing successful people weekly
  • reviewing movies, games and apps
  • shooting creative photos and videos while walking
  • sharing my stories on social media daily
  • jogging and cycling
  • playing football daily
  • hiking and camping

As you can see I already have a solid base of habits and it's only going to get better after my entry to the blogging world. Sometimes I fail on doing everything I intend to, but in general I can feel a massive improvement over the last few months. I often experiment, changing the order of activities or even stopping some of them for few days to see what could be improved or just because I need a break. In general I am very happy with the progress so far and I wish you to find your recipe of happiness as well. I dare to say this because I know that I am half way there and I won't stop growing.

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