[ Another Talk about Procrastination ] #00142

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Procrastination is the bitch and the reality is that it's created by us. We do this by trapping ourselves between our own illusions, laziness and immaturity. End of story? No, because it's a never ending loop if we don't act on solving this puzzle.

Humans are animals and we have the subconscious mind which is acting as a pleasure seeking monkey and we have intellect driven decision maker. The decision maker is committed to making things happen in order to stay happy and the monkey is doing everything to avoid any kind of trouble. The trouble could be any commitment such as physical work or even self grooming activities. So procrastination becomes monkey's best tactic because it wins just a little bit more time to not engage.

Conclusion: Do not give any hope for your inner monkey and you will eliminate your procrastination this way. Leave no space for that primitive bastard.

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