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Epic Digital Tribe
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Online brand building is often a lonely business. That's why mentor guidance can boost your growth.

But you must be committed to your own success first. Otherwise it's a waste of resources.

Strategic Thinking
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Strategic thinking is a skill of converting your dreams into actionable strategies. You can turn any of your dreams into a.....

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I encourage you to search for the joy in all sorts and combinations of sports activities and travel experiences.

But please don't forget about importance of safety of yours and those around you while being in the zone.

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Learn 2 Make Money Online

Making money is really simple when you know who you want to be in the future. All you have to do is to close the gap between your future identity and who you are right now. This simple concept will help you to make money online sooner, more regularly and in bigger amounts. But there's the catch: you must be willing to explore "the unknown" which can be really scary for some people. So the first step on your way to success is to decide which kind of thoughts you are going to feed in your mind. Is it going to be the energy of desire or fear? Ignorance or focus? Will you focus on the problem or the solution? Are your current actions based on the curiosity and willingness to learn or counter-productive habits such as procrastination, irresponsible spending or eating at night? What is your main KPI to track your progress?

Either way, it's all about shifting your lifestyle towards more productive and rewarding system. And it's really a never ending game of incremental improvements because I can guarantee - you will always want more joy and laughter, also bigger challenges or greater rewards and experiences. It all comes in different packages, sizes and shapes. Some of those situations are designed by your own creative desire and others are coming from your blind spots as a surprise. But the most important factor in all of this is meeting really interesting people who have diverse personalities and unexpected ways to inspire, challenge and surprise you. And all of it wouldn't be possible if you would stay in a freaky mindset where fear and doubt are dominant rulers. So please don't allow your negative emotions to be the creative force of your personal identity. Please don't commit a crime against yourself!

Now, let's talk about the shape of your personal brand. It takes some time and experimentation to craft it and it is a very good thing in itself because you don't want your life to be boring or predetermined. We are living in the most exiting period of human kind history so please use it to your advantage by taking your time to explore, invent and recreate yourself according to the situations you are facing in life. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because those are learning experiences and not the final destination points. Take care of your health in a form of healthy habits that are integral part of your lifestyle. Also don't become a selfish shithead and the rest should fall in the right places for you by itself. So that is the formula for success and I wouldn't recommend to take any shortcuts on that because you would limit the amount of beautiful outcomes that are waiting for you in the future. Now ask yourself these qustions:

  • what are my skills and talents?
  • do I like to craft things?
  • do l like to talk or teach?
  • what are my weaknesses?
  • do I desire fame and glory?
  • what I want to be known for?
  • do I want to travel around the world?
  • do I want to make money online or not?
  • do I want to be an independent business owner?
  • do I want to work under someone's command?
  • how influential do I want to be?
  • which areas of life do I want to dominate?
  • which areas of life do I want to monetize?
  • am I scared of public speaking?
  • do I like learning new stuff?
  • do I need a website or an app?
  • how much time do I want to dedicate to my work?
  • do I want to hire people?
  • do I know how to delegate work?

So as you may notice making money online is just a part of an equation. Unfortunately too many people are conditioned to limit their lives just because their wages are miserable. They don't understand that wealth starts with the creative intelligence which later brings insights, connections and ultimately financial riches. It's vibrant and interesting personality that matters and not the pile of cash. Money is just the tool even it's an extremely powerful tool used to measure and quantify things that are hard to measure. It is a fascinating invention but it is actually a worthless one without ideas that are extracted from beautiful, curious and imaginative minds. Actually money itself is just the idea that is sold to others. I even dare to say that the ability to sell concepts professionally is the greatest masterpiece pf all times. But in order to master the skill of selling you must first know yourself well which is a hybrid product of personal development, branding and financial planning disciplines.

I hope you are feeling pumped after reading this article and getting ready to build a business empire under your personal brand or maybe multiple businesses connected into the unique brand architecture. Well, it's up to you! Just remember - I'm here to help you deal with ups and downs of life. I'm here to help you become the person who makes good money online on regular basis.


Now you are 1 Step Closer 2 Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

I believe in your inner genius 😉