Earth is a Massive Football Pitch

I love football. It's a very important part of my life and earth is simply a massive football pitch in my opinion. If you have a ball you can train anywhere. More than that - you can invent tricks and challenge yourself against natural obstacles of our everyday environment. When I travel abroad I always think about football and sometimes I have a chance to do something about that. Here's a video from my trip to California. I brought my football kit, my club flag, bought Mexican league football and tried to do several around the world tricks on the sand. Honestly, it was much more difficult than I expected it to be. Probably I was overconfident, which wouldn't be the first time I fall into this trap. Anyway, let's call it a lack of preparation.

It was difficult for several reasons. I was exhausted because of 2 weeks constant travel in Nevada and California. I was moving to the new location every single day by using public transport and I had to carry all my luggage longer than I wished for. It wasn't the smartest decision to travel like that, but I wanted to do a lot with a limited budget in a really short period of time. And I truly succeeded on my biggest travel goals:

I attended an amazing business coaching event in Las Vegas, I was watching LA Lakers game versus Chicago Bulls at Staples Center Arena, I touched the Pacific ocean,  I met nice people, I was training at Santa Monica beach, I was visiting museums, I experienced an impressive tailgating event right before American football match and finally I reached a beautiful place called Long Beach. That's where I was shooting this video.

I was exhausted but happy. Unfortunately, I have lost my toenail because of the sand on the beach at the very beginning of the filming process. It was damaged a few months earlier and it went off at the worst moment possible. My bare feet weren't used to the ball, the sand ripped my toenail and it was bleeding. Balancing a body on the sand while dribbling is the challenge itself, but doing around the world trick is even more difficult. I couldn't do it the way I intended to but I am pretty happy with the result.

You know, I truly believe that planet Earth is simply a massive football pitch with few obstacles on it. That's metaphorical statement, but in my opinion, serious football players would agree with me. And I hope this short blog post is stimulating creativity in the minds of my readers (if I have any). Or at least to be inspiring or tempting to find their own path to satisfaction through self-awareness and creative action.

I would appreciate your feedback on this video as it is going to help me with my future projects.

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