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Coaching to success

To be honest with you - I was stuck and couldn't start writing this article for almost two hours. Coaching to success is important process and I don't want to do any harm or waste your time. So content of this page must be worth to read. In this case I will be rewarded as a man who has privilegy to invest into your personality development.

Before starting "Coaching to success" article I was thinking a lot if I am qualified to share my phylosophy and experience. After all I came to the conclusion that I am qualified to do so. With some exceptions though. I have decided not to talk about big income because I am not  a millionaire yet.

Surviving success can be more challenging than you think. Once you get everyhing you want you might fall into danger to become an asshole who doesn't feel the value of the dream any more. Secondly - this danger can lead into bigger trouble - losing more than you have gained while chasing success. So coaching to success is pretty smart and reasonable step to my mind.

I believe real examples are the best to illustrate this. Let's say Mr. Michael is going to marry Sue next tuesday. Happy days! Such a happiness you might say. Unfortunatelly Michael and Sue are making this step just to save their relationship. They care about each other but weren't tought properly how to communicate, understand and support each other. This goes deap into their childhood and we should talk about their parents and their lacking ability to communicate and foster kids.. Sad but most likely Sue and Michael will pass the ball to their own children and so on. So STOP trying to reach the destination point too early! You better prepare yourself for success and this will make you enjoy results much longer and will bring highest levels of satisfaction!

Relationship and marriage is true happiness in perfect conditions. Unfortunatelly people often aren't ready for this kind of personal success. Michael and Sue didn't get enough personality education which is equal to the serious lack of preparation to live.

I hope you are getting the idea and support coaching to success importance.

I was avoiding to talk about the money and being rich. So I am adding the bonus to this artcile - the video by Randy Gage - Guru of all Gurus on the marketing arena. Coaching to success:

Surviving success requires coaching to success

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4 thoughts on “Surviving Success

  • SandraMcLeodHumphrey

    You’re right, “success”is more complex than it may initially appear to be. There are so many facets and I think it’s important to be well grounded and have your priorities in order prior to your “success.”

    • Evaldaz

       @SandraMcLeodHumphrey  Thanks for you comment, Sandra! May I ask you something? What is the best way to make people aware of importance at personal development field??

  • LaurynasLiniauskas

    Everyone has a coach. All day to day people you meet teaches you something. They affect you and you affect them. And this is a good thing. Just need to be able to see the real world, not a dream or illusion as many people live in illusion. Don’t you agree?

  • rogerhoyt1

    I couldn’t agree more.  Far too many people jump into things that they’re not ready for.  The average person that wins the lottery, is broke again within a few years.  They think that because they have money, that they can live rich and high and it won’t affect them.  But because they’re not watching what they spend, they go through house after house, car after car, toy after toy, etc until there is no more.  Then they’re back at square one.  You have to develop that certain mindset before you can take on the challenge.  I believe I’m ready for success.