Millionaire tip #2: This Time Next Year We Will Be Millionaires

This Time Next Year We Will Be Millionaires

Those who control their life are able to take much more holidays than regular guys who are working as carpenters for a big building company or those who are labouring in shops, factories and farms. That's the fact. So who do you want to be? The tool or the operator?

I have started this article because two  days ago a friend of mine has texted me something: This Time Next Year We Will Be Millionaires. Perfect goal I'd say! I don't know if you're strong and confident enough to handle the thought which is making you a rich person in the future. Develop the inner strength and feed your brain with positive videos and books. Your future is your own child who is going to look after you then you get older.

So what you gonna do next year? Are you going to mess around like thousands of others? No, I don't think so. You are going to be a better person, a better performer and a better communicator next year. I believe in you! If you don't believe in yourself - borrow my belief in you and use it till you build your own. I'm here to help you. Well, to everyone who's reading my writings.

Two years ago my life was totally different. Let's say it was not so bright as it is now. But I never gave up and didn't let influence myself in a negative way. I mean deep influence which is destroying your belief and the will to put efforts into something constructive. So get rid of bullshit inside you, around you and go forward to meet rich life. Being rich is being happy and being yourself. Once you have this treasure - you can achieve real financila reward for yourself. Why do I say real? Because there are two types of money:

  1. Money tied to the power you can't control
  2. Money you are using as a tool to reward yourself

Do you know the difference between those two? The difference lies within you. It's All about you and not the money at all. So be a man of wisdom. Educate yourself on a regular basis!

Call to action!

Today's task is very simple: relax and enjoy the rest of the day ;)


Your friend,


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