Tactical Business Planning
Price per Session
1 on 1 Consultation
1 Hour Session
Expectations Analysis
Cashflow Review
Brand Evaluation
Problem Prevention Exercise
Goal Setting Exercise
Action Plan Development
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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Marketing Plan Execution
Monthly Billing
Management Service
I highly recommend to have a solid marketing plan before trying to execute it. Seriously.
Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Chat Bots
Public Relations
Brand Monitoring
Cost of Marketing Assets not Included
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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New Brand Concept
Price per Project*
Branding Service
This is a market domination plan for an ambitious entrepreneur. Get ready to spread your brand message.
Strategy and Identity
Reusable Marketing Assets**
Video Production
Customer Persona
Staff Training
Basic IP Protection
Brand Activation Plan
Source Files
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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Brand New Website
Price per Project*
Web Development Service
If I will have the chance to build your website - it will be more than a website. It will be your brand management center and I think you gonna love it.
Beehive Website Architecture
Mobile Friendly Design
Reusable Marketing Assets**
On-Page SEO
Google Analytics Integration
Social Media Integration
Contact Forms
Pricing Tables
Appointment Systems
Online Payments
Fast Page Loading is a Priority
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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*This is the base price. You should consider increasing your budget depending on your targets, business size, and other variables.
**Reusable marketing assets include logos images, videos, avatars, color schemes, articles etc.