Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness

Julia has joined in a new company in the post of a content writer. All her colleagues are very friendly but unfortunately, Julia cannot mix up with them properly. Last Sunday there was a feast organized by the colleagues. But she did not join in spite of repeated request from them. She has not even participated in any social or cultural programs in her school or college days. Naturally her parents are anxious. At last they bring her to a renowned psychiatrist. The psychiatrist arranges for a counseling session for her. In it Julia just unfolds her mind in front of him perhaps for the first time in her life. According to her statement, she has an intense fear that she will do or say something that embarrasses herself in front of other people. Besides, she is always very afraid of making a mistake and being watched and judged by other people. Her fear of embarrassment makes her avoid doing things she wants to do or speaking to people. Hence, she usually stays away from social situations such as social events and delivering speeches. In this way, she gradually confines herself into a very small sphere of life.

Face the fact - problems of Julia are not her alone. Some of you have also found her in your boat. Yes, basically it is such an enemy of ours which often conceals itself in our mind and we often fail to recognize it. The most unfortunate part is that we as well as our near and dear ones cannot think it to be a serious problem. The victim thinks him to be a cursed one and takes an everlasting course of self exile. Hence we can say that social shyness is such a disease which gradually sucks up our life blood.

Feeling morose? Please don’t be. There are certainly weapons to fight it out. There are some techniques which will help you getting cured so that you can attend weddings, join friends at a restaurant, or meet an attractive person whom you’d like to date.

There are observational learning techniques. If you observe someone you know having a social fear, you may imitate the best of what you saw. You may keep attaching to what you observe until you routinely improve. However, these observational experiences may not be readily available. Do you know something called shyness and social anxiety workshop? This is indeed a very needful step to wipe out social anxiety. The members are engaged in various activities to shake off their social fears. As for example, they are engaged in shy away dance. This is basically pantomiming ones social anxiety and shyness experience. It shows symbolically what it is like to be shy. This very exercise is actually a break through exercise. It demonstrated that when one doesn’t have time to think oneself into an anxious tizzy, actively engaging a fear could lead to new positive expressions.

There is another very interesting method which may be called to be stepping out of character exercises. Sounding like Latin? Chill, it is easy. Suppose you have worn mismatched socks for a day. At first, you may feel embarrassed. But just after a while, you will no longer worry what others may think about the socks. In fact, few will notice or care. At the day’s end, ask yourself, “What did I learn from the experience?” You may try another very useful technique. You may go to a department store at the peak hours of a day. Take off your watch. Ask at least ten people for the time of day. Use two minutes between requests. This is indeed a great exercise for addressing fears of stranger rejection. You may be sure of the fact that a very small percentage will ignore you. Some may be people with their own self-consciousness problems. Just ask yourself can you emotionally survive a stranger passing on your request for the time?

Of course, this is not everything. But hope you are not still in the ocean of agony and despair. The dark night is over. Can’t you hear the chirping of the morning birds?

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