Erik Weihenmayer

Goal Achievement: Erik Weihenmayer has conquered mount Everest while being blind

Goal Achievement: Saga of unrealistic optimism!

Erik Weihenmayer
Erik Weihenmayer

Vision loss can never cloud your vision from envisaging success. Yes, that's what Erik Weihenmayer has proved and hallmarked in letter red. Let's accept the fact, often we consider ourselves as realistic optimists, because we see the world as it appears to be. Of course, we strive ahead positively towards our desired solution. However, life is unpredictable and it can throw lemons instead of apples. Does that mean dream will shatter? Does that mean we lose vision? Can that ever mean that we simply stop chasing our dream? Certainly not! Erik Weihenmayer stands tall as a proof of this. Indeed he lost his sight however refused to lose his vision for his life.

Well, Erik was certainly the first blind person who climbed Mt. Everest. 'A blind guy', did you say, by the way? Yes, the blind guy Erik Weihenmayer actually did it! The book ‘Touch the Top of the World’ describes his achievement in perhaps the most eloquent way. Erik achieved his dream through intensive training, positive thinking, commitment, dedication, detailed planning, and above all with his belief he touched the TOP! Yes, incredible but true on the 25th day of May 2001, the impossible was made possible by legendary adventurer, Erik Weihenmayer , the first blind person to summit Mount Everest.

Still, the question hangs in the breeze - Can a person who can't see have a precise, accurate and clear vision of what he wants to achieve? The answer is written on the wall and you bet – HE CAN! All that matters is his tremendous will power, dedication and his relentless yearning to accept the reality and those minor lifestyle changes can further support him in crossing all the dotted lines. That's right; vision loss can never cloud your vision from dreaming, from chasing your dream and from achieving your goal.

Once the famous British philosophical writer James Allen said "Your vision is your promise of what you shall one day be. “ Quite rightly said indeed; your mind's eye can still see, even if the two beautiful eyes can’t. This has been yet again proved by Erik so very boldly.

To quote Erik, "I hear people say, 'Seeing is believing.' I want people on my team who believe the opposite, 'Believing is seeing.' Certainly you need to believe in yourself and above all believe in what you are trying to achieve, in whatever you are doing. Of course, you should have a reason to believe it.

Erik Weihenmayer , the legendary adventurer went completely blind when he was just 13 and since then he has climbed Mt Everest, run marathons and even jumped out of planes. Yes, Erik's moving story is about developing the positive 'vision to dream big, it is the saga of courage to achieve impossible and positive life goals; and the ultimate yearning and determination to metamorphose his life into "SOMETHING MIRACULOUS".

OKAY, so here is the million dollar question – if a blind guy can climb the world's tallest mountain, why can't we overcome the paltry trivial issues and challenges! To be honest, people like Erik have one thing which ultimately separates them from others, the POSITIVE ATTITUDE that life is to be lived to the lees. There is no denial of the fact, accomplishing something innovative require some risk, and it is the risk factors which actually makes life interesting, fun and juicy.

Be frank – you want some juice, don't you? Well, it's time to set a positive goal. Of course, it should be something which you really want and that ultimate positive motivation, minor to major lifestyle changes can really change your life.

Of course, you need to have those WINNING BELIEFS,
• You are working hard in reaching your biggest goal
• You learn something each time to pursue your goal
• You learn to become more today than you were yesterday

Good Luck!


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