Dealing panic attack with positive thinking

The room is almost dark. Peter is trembling in fear sitting alone in his room. The exam is over but he just can’t be relieved like his other friends. They are having fun in multiplexes or in shopping malls. Life is too cool to them. But what happened to Peter? Why can’t he hang out with his buddies? The only reason is “fear” –a violent fear which has swallowed him up. The last exam was not satisfactory at all. His preparation was good but he himself was in immense tension while sitting in the exam room. His test copy was in front of him but his memory just didn’t work. The brain was totally blocked in tension. Hence he could not complete all his answers. He reached home with his frustration and panic increased. His anxiety regarding his career is being accelerated rapidly .A very fixed idea has been stamped on his mind that he will not be able to do any good in future and he is simply finished. As the thought gradually growing in his mind, he is being deviated from the normal way of life. He has left his friends and relations. Having himself confined in his study, he is just panicking and brooding. His parents are anxious but cannot find any way out.

Dear readers, what do you think about it? A very unfortunate case isn’t it? But for your kind information, the problem is not Peter’s alone. This is called PANIC ATTACK and it has been spread epidemically in all developed societies of the world. Chiefly, the urban people are the poor victims of it. You can say it is the psychological cancer which destroys a person slowly.

So, now you must be very upset realizing all this. I definitely know what is now going on in your mind. You must be thinking about the remedy or any medicine for it. To be very honest to you, there is no other medicine but POSITIVE THINKING...

The question hangs like a trailing shadow - how to stop panic attacks? And the answer is SELF CARE.

Self care is a new concept which has come to the fore in spheres of personal healthcare. It refers to all of the activities which a person proactively engages in personal health and wellness. Basically the very first thing we all have to remember that anxiety and panic attack have close relations to each other. To win over it we very earnestly need self care strategies which address a range of personal needs, such as spirituality, mental clarity, and creativity.

It can be divided up to five main factors. Those are

• The Physical Self (includes aspects of fitness and proper nutrition)
• The Social Self (involves the facets of friendship and love)
• The Creative Self(encompasses that which makes each of us unique, including our emotional and thinking patterns)
• The Coping Self (mainly stress management and realistic beliefs)
• The Essential Self(sense of spirituality and identity including feeling of hope and confidence)

It can be said undoubtedly that practicing self care is very much helpful to stop panic attacks.
Another method which can be very useful to the people suffering from panic attacks is MEDITATION. Basically it is an age old practice to maintain coolness of mind. But practically, living in the hue and cry of urbanity it is not at all easy to meditate for a long time. After all we are not medieval saints or hermits! So, what to do? Don’t be afraid. There are other methods to deal with anxiety and panic attacks as well.

Breathing Technique: Inhale Exhale and feel the change

This is indeed a wonderful technique - at first exhale through your mouth until you have emptied all the air from your lungs. Next, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Just repeat this until you have a calmer mind and clear thought process. Sounding incredibly simple, isn’t it? Actually when we face a crucial or troublesome situation, we just cannot breathe properly. As a result Carbon is formed in an alarming rate causing heart palpitation and so on.

Rebuilding thoughts : Let’s start this now!

According to modern psychologists, this is the most powerful weapon for battle against panic disorder. While in a crucially vulnerable condition, one should begin to imagine things which make him or her calm and confident. Or like poet Wordsworth you can think about objects of nature which will relax your mind and nerves to the greatest extent.
Throughout the world, thoughtful persons are pondering over how to stop panic attacks. It is a battle which we carry on every moment in every day. Hope a new dawn will come with a new shower of hope.

Don’t be a prey to fear, agony, tears and anxiety. Dig out ways to deal with all these and much more with DIGNITY !
Get ready to face the world

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