Be Confident!! Have An Eye To Eye Contact With The World

The college exam is just knocking at the door. But Rebecca declares that she is not going to appear for the test. Naturally, the friends are shocked hearing all this. They all know her to be a very sincere student. In all the previous exams her performance is just awesome. Even after such huge success she is reluctant to sit for the exam. What happened to her? In the evening, they all gather in Rebecca’s house to know the truth. What Rebecca ultimately communicates with them is simply astounding. Though her preparation is as good as ever, but this time she is not just getting enough confidence to face the test. Whenever she tries to think of the examination, there is just a chill down her spine. She feels that she will just do a chaos in the test. John, her best friend, suggests that there is no problem in her studies. Rather she should need the help of a person who can aid her in confidence building. She is just being a poor victim of less confidence.

REBECCA is not at all alone with her problems of less confidence. The problem is being spread all over the modern world like an epidemic. Most of the time the young people fall prays of the very disease. So we must wage a battle without delay against it.

Helen Keller once said, “Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the face.” It is a very natural thing that whenever we find ourselves less confident some other says ourselves to be confident. But mere lip services cannot do any good in this sphere of problem. But then is there nothing to do? Of course there are solutions. First of all I can say that the most important thing to build self confidence is action. If you have thought seriously to do something, just do it. You can only achieve your desired level of self confidence just by it. If you only sit idle in your residence and getting yourself lost in your thought, success will never come to you. Don’t lose yourself in the cloud of over thinking. Too much repentance about things of past or too much anxiety regarding things of future can make you nervous and less confident. Just concentrate on your present action. You may think that success in your present action is ultimate for you. You need not think anything beyond it. Often we take something in our life too seriously, which make us anxious and scary. Same is the case with Rebecca. She has taken the issues of exam so seriously that it has shattered his confidence level. The only solution is to work out in a relaxed mood. You will find out that most of the problem you see is nothing but the creation of your own mind. Always tell yourself that life is not so tough a thing. It is like a smooth sailing river where I can go with my boat without any tempest. Failure in a particular test doesn’t indicate your failure forever. You can still achieve anything in your life. Self counseling in this way can be very helpful in this regard. Always keep one thing in your mind; YOU ARE YOUR BEST DOCTOR.

Do you know what the most effective way to gain confidence is? Do the thing you fear to do most. Just imagine that fear is like a curtain behind which your success is hidden. What you have to do is to pounce on it and tear it away. Once you face the fear, believe me it will be vanished as a thick cloud of mist does with the appearance of sunlight.
Self exploration is the keyword which can unlock the doors of your success. Do you know what the problem is with us? Most of us just don’t know ourselves well. It may sound very incredible, but true. Just honestly ask yourself that what your real objectives are? What for you have come in this world? Once you get the answer, a colossal tide of confidence will just drench you out.

Hope you have got some answers for your questions. A new dawn is coming. Are you prepared for that?

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